So this is home now

I'm sitting in a sidewalk café in Den Haag, a couple blocks from the Mauritshuis museum having a beer and chilling 1 under the shade of an umbrella.

The sun is shining and the temperature's an overwhelming 31 degrees.2 There's an antique book market in the square in front of me; lots of cyclists going by and many happy dutch people sitting in the sidewalk enjoying the summerest summer they've had in years.

It's been just over two weeks since I landed in the Netherlands and this is the first day that I've managed to sit down calmly without my head feeling like there's a whirlwind of new things spinning around inside.

Things have slowly progressed from "WhatTheFuckWhyIsEveryThingSoStrangeIJustWantToCurlUpInBedAndDie" to "Huh… this whole dutch thing is weird. But I kinda like it" to "Yah ok, it's tram 6 back to the apartment and maybe we can go to the Albert Heijn on the way back before it closes."

Ok, enough with the establishing shot. I'm just gonna stop now and tell you: this blog is not going to be all about how I sit in cafés in Europe and go grocery shopping in Den Haag.

I'm in Holland for a very specific (and nerdy) reason and that's why this whole blog thing is happening. Yes, there might be some non-zero ammount of ranting about street crossing, hagelslag eating and confusing train ticketing, but mostly this blog is going to be about my time in Type and Media.

In the unlikely case you don't know what that is, Type and Media3 is one of the most prestigious, intense and demanding courses on type design in the world. Many of the contemporary designers I look up to the most teach there and over the years the course has been home to a bunch of insanely talented students who are also sort of personal heroes 4.

This year's class (2016-17) kicks off in two weeks and somehow I managed to get in it.

This is where we stop for another moment and marvel at that fact:

"I got into Type and Media 16/17" …Wow.

Those who know me will be aware that this has been one of 5 my dreams for a while and to now be here in Holland and having it come true is so cool, crazy, scary and pop-your-eyes-out amazing that I could go on for ages about it…

But I'm not going to. I'm a practical being and I've got some serious blogging to do. Only 17 days I've been here and there's already a million of things I want to rant about, so it's about high time I got started.

Tune in for an update soon-ish and watch my stupid teaser video here.

1. More like hiding from the sun.

2. 88° for you fahrenheit folk out there.

3. TypeMedia or "t]m" for short.

4. So no pressure…

5. Perhaps the one.